EasyInline Support

How do I disable EasyInline?

Disable or enable the EasyInline toolbar by clicking the applicable button below and restarting.

What is EasyInline?

Highlight any text on a webpage, and the small EasyInline toolbar will appear so you can quickly jump to sites like Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, Twitter and YouTube, and search the site using the highlighted text.

What is Yontoo and why do I need it for EasyInline?

EasyInline is a feature of Yontoo, a software platform that enables a suite of browser tools. Yontoo is ad-supported and includes tools for search, text references, video, social media, website reviews, and comparison shopping. EasyInline can operate only by installing Yontoo.

How do I use EasyInline?

Just highlight any text as you browse the web and you'll see a box with icons for Google, Wikipidia, Dictionary.com, Twitter, and YouTube. Click on an icon and the selected website will open in a new window with search results for the highlighted text on that site. For example, if you highlight the words "Steve Jobs" and select Wikipedia, EasyInline will take you to the Steve Jobs page on Wikipedia.org to get more information.

Where will I see EasyInline ads?

Double-underlined words will appear on certain webpages. Mousing over the underlined words will display linked ads related to the underlined words. Also, transitional ads will appear in a new tab or window while browsing. Ads are labeled EasyInline. Other ads may appear in connection with other Yontoo features.

How do I get rid of EasyInline ads?

You may disable the EasyInline feature and ads by clicking the "Disable App" Button at the top of this page. However, please note that if you delete or refresh your cookies, the ads from EasyInline will be re-activated automatically. You may also uninstall Yontoo from your computer (see below) which will remove all Yontoo features and ads, including EasyInline.

How do I uninstall Yontoo and completely get rid of EasyInline and all Yontoo apps and ads?

You may uninstall Yontoo and all supported features including EasyInline at any time by following the procedures below:

Windows - To uninstall from all of the supported browsers on Windows, go to the Windows Start Menu and then to Control Panel > Add/Remove (or Programs & Features in Vista/Windows 7) and click Remove (or Uninstall in Vista/Windows 7) for the Yontoo program.

Mac - To uninstall from Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome on a Mac, go to Tools > Add-ons in the top menu. Select the Yontoo logo and click Uninstall.

What are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

Click the following links for the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please review them before installing Yontoo.